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EXR Stable Value Digital Asset

A trusted price-stable digital asset to bridge blockchain and financial industries

Stable Value

EXR is not a payment but a bridge between the real financial world and blockchain world.

The EXR Index is based on a weighted basket of leading fiat currencies often used to trade against the US Dollar in foreign exchange markets. EXR will be offered against the EXR Index of basket currencies and denoted as “EXR”. Each EXR represents a unit of the index based on USD $1 on the inception date.


Assets backing the EXR will be held in a reserve bank account in Singapore and maintained by a Trust company.


EXR strives to be transparent, independent and compliant. It will be monitored and managed by professionals and attestation will be done by a reputable audit firm.


EXR is intended to balance any conflict between blockchain and financial industries in a discreet and legitimate manner.


New EXRs are minted upon issuance and burned upon redemption for the corresponding underlying currencies. EXR Foundation is resposible for administrating EXRs and maintaining price parity, and it's the only entity to issued or redeemed the EXR.

Blockchain Technology

EXR’s goal is not to create new technology but to leverage existing technology to enhance the interaction between corporations and individuals.“EXR” is an asset-backed digital asset built on blockchain technology.Using the Ethereum blockchain platform, EXR aims to serve as a medium for store of value and value transfer.

Using the Ethereum blockchain platform, EXR aims to serve as a medium for store of value and value transfer. The EXR Mint will handle the minting and burning of EXR. “EXR” is an asset-backed digital asset built on blockchain technology.

Use Case - Fiat Proxy

The EXR can be used by any merchants looking for suitable collateral which ownership can be proved cryptographically at any time.

With emerging digital assets, ownership of a non- volatile asset becomes vital in decision-making and strategy.

Imagine what a game chess may be like, if the rules were to change every 2 - 3 turns.

Use Case - Store of value for B2B transactions

EXR is designed to store value and hedge against a potential trade war between countries.

The complexity of rebasing prices and price volatility has thwarted the adoption of digital assets for businesses.

EXR aims to maintain value of assets without depreciating.

Businesses can trade with each other, safe in the knowledge that the value of EXR remains consistent today as it was yesterday relative to major fiat currencies.

Use Case - Portfolio Management

Trusted stability is a rare commodity on exchanges, but it should not be undervalued.

EXR can be regarded as a major currency index instrument that provides stability relative to fiat.

EXR is unlikely to be used as a base trading pair given the additional FX risk compared to single currency pairs (e.g. BTC/USD).